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10 Cards in 5 Minutes – We can do that!

March 25th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Early this morning I had the pleasure of fingerprinting the CEO of a large restaurant corporation in his Phoenix office. He was doing the process to obtain a liquor license for many new restaurants he plans on opening in Arizona. (Sorry, but due to privacy concerns, I cannot tell you the name of the restaurant!)  When dealing with more than one restaurant, as an owner, it can be a little time consuming having to be fingerprinted with ink especially if you need more than one card. In his case he needed 10 cards. He was very pleased that we offer digital fingerprinting and only needed about 5 minutes of his time. This is only one of the great qualities Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Network offers to our customers. If you would like to utilize our mobile fingerprinting service contact us today!” – Melissa, Fingerprint Tech
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