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Fingerprinting Guaranteed

Fingerprinting Guaranteed

Our Guarantee in the news:  Fingerprinting Guarantee


Arizona Livescan offers a 100% Quality Fingerprinting Guarantee
We understand that completing your background check is just one step to get you where you need to be. Using Livescan technology, our professional fingerprint technicians ensure that your fingerprints are done right the first time. If you chose to go elsewhere and your fingerprints are rejected we will reprint them for free. That’s our guarantee–and our commitment to you. (AFPS Return Notice, AFPU Reprint Card, and original receipt required.)

We rely on the industry’s most effective way to collect fingerprint images using Livescan technology.
We want you to rely on us to avoid delays and missed deadlines by using our services. With digital fingerprinting collection you can be sure that your fingerprints will be taken with the most accuracy, efficiency and timeliness. Your fingerprints will be printed on the standard FBI FD-258 card accepted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Fingerprinting Unit as well as other state, federal, and private agencies.

Avoid operator error and let our Livescan technology do the work.
Our customers and business partners can rest assured that fingerprint technicians at Arizona Livescan are fully trained in taking legible fingerprints, use of the Livescan technology, software and equipment, and application preparation.

Fingerprinting–It’s what we do.
Fingerprint technicicans at Arizona Livescan are fully knowledgeable in preparing the application packets and fulfilling all of the requirements needed to apply for a fingerprint clearance card, whether they are Identity Verified Prints, Level One, or regular fingerprints.

Come to Arizona Livescan and know that we are the experts.
Please know that at this time there is no state-required certification for fingerprint collectors nor any credentialing required by the State of Arizona for fingerprint collection agencies. Please take heed in any fingerprint collection firm identifying themselves as certified, approved or licensed by the state of Arizona. Arizona Livescan technicians have over five years of ink-rolling and Livescan experience, our fully background-checked, and are committed to offering the latest in technology and customer service. Call us at 602-246-3444. We look forward to serving you.


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