Fingerprinting in Prescott, AZ

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Need to get your fingerprints done in Prescott, AZ? Looking for a fingerprint place in Prescott? Arizona’s premier fingerprinting location using ink & livescan fingerprinting just got a little closer! In addition to  our Mesa, AZ and Phoenix Livescan offices, you can now find Arizona Livescan in Prescott, AZ.

We can also take care of your ID/Passport photos, too.

Please note that the Arizona Department of Public Safety no longer offers fingerprinting services for employment, background checks, or admittance into colleges, etc. Rely on Arizona Livescan for all of your fingerprinting needs!

Arizona Livescan fingerprinting services is available inside The UPS Store on 303 E. Gurley Street in Prescott, AZ. Visit our locations page for address and hours of operation.

Remember, we offer the industry’s only Free Fingerprinting policy! So, you’ll never have to worry about your fingerprints getting rejected when you come to see us!

Digital Fingerprinting Guaranteed
Digital Fingerprinting Guaranteed