Fingerprinting for CCW in Arizona

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Did you know that as of May 2013, the Arizona Department of Public Safety has issued more than 190,000 active concealed weapon permits? An astounding number of people hold CCW permits in the State of Arizona and more and more of them are finding Arizona Livescan the most effective way to meet their fingerprinting requirements.

All CCWs are processed and issued by the Department of Public Safety, State of Arizona. A complete CCW web page with current information about fee schedule, instructor information, reciprocity with other states, forms, statistics and more is offered by DPS.

Arizona Livescan will fingerprint you utilizing our “digital livescan to print” system. That means we will fingerprint you using our livescan scanner which ensures your prints are done right the first time (no ink, no smudging). Livescan will ensure that your prints will be legible with no smudges or errors. Two cards will be printed using our FBI certified printers.

We have fingerprinted hundreds of CCW candidates in the last few months and not one has been rejected or sent back for any reason! Our mobile technicians are also able to come to your classroom or shooting range for group fingerprinting. Just submit one of our mobile fingerprinting request forms and we will contact you immediately.